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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 18, 2013 2:00pm-4:00pm EST

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hung tough in recent years despite having the heaviest of rocks added to his rucksack. he emphasizes in his book the importance of pressing on when life doesn't go the way you would want it to go. >> you can see more of kyra's interview on our sister network hln. that's it for me. deb feyerick takes it from here. thank you so very much. i'm deborah feyerick in for brooke baldwin. the news starts now. if there is a song in here, it is a sad one. country music's mindy mccready, so much talent, so much turmoil. mindy mccready has died at age 37. last night the only sign of life at her arkansas home was the light above the porch where her body was found on sunday. in a final tragic twist to a life filled with pain, it is the spot where her boyfriend and the father of her child david wilson was found last month. both died of gunshot wounds, both apparently self-inflicted, say police. mindy mccready's star rose fast, but plummeted even faster.
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i'll show you the cliff notes version of a turbulent life that included several arrests, drug abuse, family drama and several suicide attempts. in 2009, she did a stint on "celebrity rehab" during which she had an apparent seizure as you see there. dr. drew pinsky got to know her from the show. says the two talked within the past few weeks. >> i did not treat her, was not her physician, but when i heard she was struggling, i reached out to her and urged her to take care of herself, get in a facility if she felt she needed it, there was good support around her and helped her do that, but her biggest fear was the stigma of doing so and what people would think if she god, forbid, took care of herself. this is the most distressing part of the story. she say lovely woman. we have lost her and it didn't have to go down like that. >> it didn't have to go down like that, says dr. drew pinsky. joining us from los angeles, psychotherapist sherry gobay, worked with mindy mccready on "celebrity rehab." this say woman who had attempted
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suicide at least four times, drug overdose, slashing her wrists, her children had been taken from her, her boyfriend, the father of her 10-month-old son, kills himself a month ago. isn't mccready somebody who by all accounts should have been under someone's supervision? >> exactly. i mean these are multiple losses. people underestimate what happens when there are multiple losses in somebody's life. i mean, absolutely she should not have been left alone. this is a woman who with you are isolated like that, you're going to be under tremendous pain and depression and this is unfortunately what can happen. when someone is an addict, alcoholic, struggling with mental illness, the loss of her children, the death of her boyfriend, should not be left alone, and the question is why was there a gun in the house, these are all things that i wonder about. >> it is just -- it is so fascinating. you think of the celebrities as people who have multiple people who are around them, even if it is just -- an assistant or somebody who works for them,
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mccready was in psychiatric treatment facility, checked herself out early and she says she was concerned about the stigma, stigma that society places, but, you know, if that's the case, sherry, why subject yourself to "celebrity rehab" when you're so vulnerable? >> well, i find that interesting. i mean, i find that really actually quite a paradox because the fact she was on "celebrity reh rehab" to me tells me she wanted to show the world if i'm going to be on the show and show you about the pain of addiction and what it has done to my life and if i can show you i can get well and i can go through recovery, so can you. so the fact that she left a psych hospital because she was afraid of the stigma of mental illness, i find that really amazing and really sad and i don't understand how this could happen because she did have the courage to go on "celebrity rehab" and show people there is hope and there was hope at that
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time. she did do a program. and she was getting better. >> when you look at it, mental illness, addiction, do the two always go hand and hand or not necessarily. if you're treating one, should you be treating the other? >> yes, often we call this a dual diagnosis. there is often depression or bipolar or some sort of anxiety. clearly this was going on for mindy. this is so tragic. yes. often the two go together. >> all right. sherry, thank you so much. we appreciate your insights into this terrible, terrible tragedy. thank you. >> very sad. the man who brought glitz and glamour to the nba has died. los angeles lakers owner jerry buss passed away from an unspecified cancer. he took over the team in 1979 when it was near bankruptcy and since then the lakers have earned ten championships and have had regular a-list celebs court side. don't we know that? and there have been the steady stream of superstars paid to be
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on the court like magic johnson and shaquille o'neal. joining me now is john salle who played with the lakers. how do you describe the impact that this man had? >> i'm just going to say dr dr. buss wrerest in peace. he brought the show time image, that way, that way that the lakers see it, everyone knows when you hear that music, i love l.a., it changed the way the game went. he had the greatest suite. it had some of the prettiest women in the world, but if you got up to the suite and paid attention, dr. buss was sitting up front, eyes on the game. he was really serious about it. given the team to his son and daughter, knowing he was sick, he was a really, really good guy. i'll tell you, intense. he would -- you can laugh with him, you can hang out with him, he would be on the bus when -- when my first year, phil jackson's first year, 1999, he would be on the bus sitting
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behind us, flying on the plane, flying with us, that obviously he paid for. but he didn't say anything. he never sat there and told anybody this is what you should be doing. he was just the owner. and he was a really, really good guy on top of it. >> so when you look at it, it really sounds like he revolutionized the sport by turning it into something bigger than the game itself. did you know that his health had been declining? do you remember maybe your last conversation with him? >> yeah. the last time i heard dr. buss, they talked about it in the past year, he wasn't doing well. friend of mine named bonnie gelus would let me know what was going on with dr. buss. i would see his driver periodically here in los angeles. but he was to himself, like probably we don't even know what cancer it was right now, undisclosed, because dr. buss was private but public person at the same time. i went there at his -- getting his star on hollywood, i thought that was cool that the owner of
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a basketball team is on the hollywood walk of fame. and the reason he's on the hollywood walk of fame because every star that you see in hollywood had to come to a laker game. that made you a real star. >> he had the support of everybody that you need to get that particular star. when you think about the impact, personal impact on you, how do you think he changed the way you see life? >> well, i look at it this way. dr. buss came in and said, we're going to take a team that is from bankruptcy, we're going to make it the best team because it was known with kareem coming to the team, it had the great jerry buss -- i mean jerry west and it had elgin bayless, some of my favorite players of all time, but they weren't winning. and when they got that winning feeling, i remember when i was a little boy, when i saw magic johnson first come into the -- four years older than me, he was 19 years old, and my brother said, you're 15, and he's only four years older than you and look where he's at. i remember working extra hard
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from 15 until i got to that point of being a pro. he would introduce me to people. i hung out with him a couple of times. he was really, really a good person. and he had money. but he didn't, like, flaunt it. wearing his jeans, wore his tank tops. he was a really good guy. >> seemed like he had enough to share. john salley, thank you so much. we appreciate your insights on his passing. thanks. some of the hottest other top stories, roll it. >> in a surprise move, hugo chavez is back home. chavez was in cuba for more than two months for cancer surgery. his picture of chavez with his daughters was tweeted by venezuelan's information minister. the 58-year-old leader arrived in the night. he's reportedly in a military hospital in caracas. new details are emerging on the health of pope benedict xvi a week after his announced resignation.
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according to a report in "focus," the pope appeared to be blind in one eye and is losing his hearing. benedict cited his poor health and decision to resign. february 28th will be his last day as pope. driver danica patrick wins the pole positiofor the daytona 500. that makes her the first woman to start the legendary race. she told don lemon she loves the idea of going beyond racing in general. >> one of the coolest things is to be able to think that parents and their kids are having that conversation at home about it, and to, you know, i heard stories about a kid, a boy or girl, saying, but, mommy, daddy, that's a girl that's out there racing. and then they can have that conversation to say, you can do anything you want to do, and gender doesn't matter. your passion is what matter s. and that's cool. >> patrick won the pole position by going more than 196 miles per hour. the daytona 500 is this sunday. meteor hunteres say this
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moment could mean big bucks for them. a sonic boom as a meteor shatters, sending fragments across russia's ural mountains. this is a remote area. it may soon be flooded with tourists from across the globe. they're traveling here to check down the fragments. they hope to sell them for as much as $10,000 a piece. how does president obama celebrate the president's day holiday weekend? same way as you do? no, he plays golf with tiger woods. the president and woods teed it up over the weekend at the palm city resort in south florida. despite the high profile outing, the game was off limits to white house reporters and photographers. also, an idaho man just lost his job and has a lot of haters online after what he's accused of doing to a baby on board a flight to atlanta.
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>> sing twinkle, twinkle. >> this boy began to cry, the man called the child a racial slur and slapped him. and the man, he's a former executive of an aerospace and defense company. cnn's renee marsh has the story. >> reporter: jonah bennett is 19 months old and a curious ordinary toddler. but what allegedly happened on a february 8th flight from minneapolis was far from ordinary. jessica bennett says she and her adopted son were on delta flight 721 to atlanta in seat 28b and next to them, in seat 28a was this man, joe ricky huntley of hayden, idaho. >> he was just being rude and belligerent and i felt very uncomfortable. >> reporter: she says she even left her seat and stood in the back of the plane holding jonah for much of the flight. but she had to sit back down for landing in atlanta. because of the altitude change,
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jonah was uncomfortable and crying. then it got ugly. >> having trouble comforting him and that's when the guy had made his comment to me. >> reporter: court documents say huntley allegedly told jessica to, quote, shut that n word baby up. >> i could not believe that he would say something like that and to a baby or about a baby? >> reporter: then huntley allegedly slapped jonah, hitting him in the eye. >> and then to hit him was just -- i felt like i was in another world. i was shaking. >> reporter: according to the criminal complaint, fellow passengers came to her aid. cnn reached out to huntley, who has been charged with assaulting a minor. he declined to comment and asked us to talk to his attorney. >> renee marsh joins me live. does jonah's family plan to sue the man or even delta for their role in this?
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>> i spoke with the family attorney today. and he says that they want at the end of the day huntley to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. as far as legal action, the couple will take, he left that pretty open. he says they're investigating all of the evidence including whether alcohol played a role. now, i asked him specifically will he go after delta? he says that -- he's playing it safe right now saying that he's not quite sure what they will do. he did not say that he wouldn't go after delta, but what he did say is that he plans on exploring a civil suit against hundley. here is the family's attorney on hundley losing his job this weekend, as a result of the allegations. >> but i guess i would have to agree with those who would say that's not enough. the family wants to make sure that mr. hundley and anyone like mr. hundley never does something like that again. >> all right, well, i spoke to hundley's attorney and in her
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words she says this has escalated into a racial issue and she says she wants to be very clear that her client is not racist. she says he's, quote, dealing with his own issues. deb? >> fascinating. and clearly the family could see if they could get assault charges filed against him or even hate crime charges. renee marsh, thank you so much. well, just hours before oscar pistorius head backs to court, investigators release new details in the death of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp and how she likely spent her last moments. plus, a pregnant woman accuses her employer of acting unchrist-like after they fire her. now there is a lawsuit. we're on the case. y at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day
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jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? happier than dikembe mutumbo blocking a shot. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. then you're going to love this. right now they're only $14.95! wow-a grt deal just got a whole lot better. hurry. $14.95 won't last. a report of a bloody cricket bat found at the home of oscar pistorius. it is unclear what role if any played in the murder of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. she was shot four times through a bathroom door and it is alleged pistorius carried her downstairs while she was still alive. while the double amputee sits in a south african jail, his fellow olympic siwprinter usain bolt i
2:18 pm
trying to process how he got there. listen to what he told rachel nickels. >> when i heard it, i was, like, what? who? as in the amputee? the guy who ran the 400 meter? i was asking all kinds of questions. can't be the same guy i've seen that i know. i still can't process it really. i'm trying to process what really happened. what's going on. so as far as i'm concerned, just listening out, listen to the news, hear what's up, follow twitter, and see what's going on because for me, i'm still in shock for what happened. >> oscar pistorius' agent says he's canceling all of the runner's future races. robyn curnow is in johannesburg. what more are we learning both about the blood stained cricket bat and the final moments of this tragic event? >> reporter: first of all, it is just amazing how everybody is united in shock over this, isn't it? it has been such a stunning
2:19 pm
story across the world and more so here in south africa where oscar was such a hero. let me give you some idea, paint you a picture of what we believe where reeva steenkamp's last moments. we know according to an official close to the investigation that she was there to spend the night. they found her overnight bag and an ipad. we also know according to the same official she was shot four times through a closed bathroom door, and that oscar then carried her downstairs and she was still alive. now, this cricket bat, this bloodied cricket bat is the one piece of evidence we cannot corroborate from our sources. this is based, i must stress, on local media speculation. but there is this cricket bat element, bloodied. what was it used for? well, there are three points here. did reeva defend herself? did oscar try to attack her with this bat? or the clearer line of thought seems to think he tried to bash down that closed bathroom door to get to her after the
2:20 pm
shooting. all in all, it is still very confusing. we're getting more details. but still, you know, don't answer that question, you know, that all of us are asking, which is why. >> and, it is fascinating we also don't know whose blood was on that bat and that will be significant in terms of the timeline. what about the charges? his family says no, it was not premeditated murder, may not have been murder at all if he was shooting through the door. i know the law there is tight. what do you expect or anticipate in terms of potential additional charges? >> reporter: you know, i think at the moment it is all still so gray and woolly that we have to wait for the court case tomorrow yet. he appears before a local magistrate, a bond hearing, a bail hearing as we say here in south africa. and, you know, his family have said, listen, we strenuously deny the murder charges. he hasn't denied he killed her.
2:21 pm
this is what one of his family members had to say. >> after consulting with our legal representatives, we deeply regret the allegations of premeditated murder. we have not -- no doubt here there is no substance for the allegations. and that the state's own case, including its own forensic evidence, strongly refutes any possibility of a premeditated murder. or murder as such. >> reporter: as you can see, everyone including his family trying to grapple with this. i did say no understanding yet on why he might have done this. there is, again, more speculation out there that there might be steroids or some sort of drug use that sort of just flipped him into some sort of violent rage. again, can't comment on that at the moment, there are a lot of
2:22 pm
people wondering in south africa if that was the motivation. >> and very quickly, has reeva steenkamp's family said anything? we haven't heard anything from her family. >> reporter: no, they have been very quiet and understandably utterly shell shocked. we only had this comment from her mom in the front page of this newspaper saying my baby loved like no one else. it was a tearful interview on the telephone with this reporter. otherwise we heard nothing else, and, again, she asks in this article, the same thing all of us are asking. why. >> why. absolutely. robyn curnow, you'll have the very latest after that court hearing tomorrow. we look forward to speaking with you again then. thank you. coming up, a tax deal you'll want to hear about. made more than a billion dollars in profit and get a hefty tax refund. and south carolina's ex-governor tries to get back into politics. he says it is all about forgiveness. you know who you are.
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facebook raked in about a billion dollars in profits last year. but according to a tax watchdog group, it paid no federal or
2:26 pm
state taxes. the social networking company is due a whopping $429 million refund. let's take you straight to alison kosik. this report is sparking outrage among a lot of people. >> it shouldn't. just like maybe you and i do, we try to find legal ways, hopefully, legal ways to pay less in taxes. that's pretty much what facebook did. trying to find deductions to pay down its tax burden, just in this case, facebook happened to take a $1 billion tax deduction last year for what is known as excess benefits from stock options. so just to walk you back what this means, in the early days what happens is facebook wound up paying many executives with stock options. that was the compensation. so what these essentially are, these options are, they're promises to buy shares of the company stock at a set price, let's say $1 for easy math. when facebook went public last year, that meant executives including ceo mark zuckerberg, they could cash in the options which means they could buy a share of facebook for that $1. even though the shares were worth up to $38, that difference
2:27 pm
that they have between the price paid and actual market value, that is really the tax deduction for facebook. but, look, facebook wasn't the only company that did this. i want to see if we have this list. the citizens for tax justice found that 185 other companies in the fortune 500, they took similar deductions in 2010. these are huge companies. apple, $742 million, look at the big numbers. it is not just facebook. and unless congress winds up changing the tax code, this is how it is going to be. >> they were operating like any smart company and they were getting the most they could based on what the current laws say. >> exactly. good accountants. >> everybody needs one. alison, thank you so much. appreciate it. so no letup in the gun violence in chicago. just hours after the president's push to end the senseless shootings, one of the teens who attended obama's event finds out her own sister has been murdered. details next. [ male announcer ] this is sheldon, whose long dy setting up the news
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chicago recently, he was surrounded by young chicago teens to make the case against gun violence, which is ravaging the city. little did anyone know one of the kids behind him would be the next to mourn a shooting victim. just a couple of hours after the president's speech ended, someone gunned down janay mcfarlane in a chicago suburb. mcfarlane is the older sister of de destini warren. he spoke at hyde park academy, which warren attends. our affiliate says mcfarlane also went there until she gave birth to her son and moved to an alternative school. >> it hurt. because, like, i was, like, my sister. we did everything tether. we was supposed to go prom shopping the next morning. >> mcfarlane's family says janay
2:32 pm
would talk about hadiya pendleton, the chicago teen who performed during the inauguration festivities for the president only to be killed herself a week later. >> she was, like, mama, that's sad. i feel so bad for that little girl. every time she saw her on tv, she said, mama, that's so sad, i feel so bad for these people that got to leave their kids. >> the violence in chicago continues. there was another shooting death hours after the president spoke friday. francis cologne was killed, he was just 18 years old. investigators told our affiliate that the shoot wears aer was ai someone else and cologne took the bullet to the back. he was the third student killed in the last three months who attended chicago's roberto clemente school. the man who brought glitz and glamor to the nba has died. jerry buss died from an unspecified cancer. he took over in 1979 when it was
2:33 pm
in near bankruptcy. the lakers earned ten championships over two decades and featured such star players as magic johnson and shaquille o'neal. buss was 80 years old. up next, hot topics debates. celebrities battle addiction and mental illness. are the problems these stars face bigger than reality tv shows and seemed to help them? and the forgiveness tour. mark sanford releases an apology ad before looking to get back into politics. and did a christian college act unchristian-like after firing a staffer? when you have diabetes... your doctor will say get smart about your weight. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes.
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i'm deborah feyerick in for brooke baldwin. for the next 20 minutes we're going to be discussing the hot stories that you're going to be talking about at the dinner table tonight. first up is the tragic death of country music star mindy mccready. authorities say she shot herself on her front porch in arkansas yesterday. she was 37 years old.
2:37 pm
mccready shined in the musical spotlight, she also fought a public battle with addiction and mental illness. mccready had attempted suicide twice before in 2005 and 2008. in 2010 she was trying to turn things around and appeared on dr. drew's "celebrity rehab". >> she had been doing very well. things were looking up for her. she had children with a boyfriend who ended up killing himself a few weeks ago. she was struggling after that. actually was admitted herself to a psychiatric facility. and there is a cautionary tale here about the stigma of mental illness and the way in which the public attacks celebrities who take care of themselves. she became so fearful of the stigma and the way people were responding to her being hospitalized that she actually checked herself out prematurely and now we have what we have. >> now, mccready is the fifth person who died after appearing on "celebrity rehab". the others are allison chain's
2:38 pm
bassist mike starr, actor jeff conaway, rodney king died of accidental drowning involving drugs last year, and former mtv "real world" cast member joey kovar. we got a statement from the mccready family and right now it says they're focused on mindy's two children, one of whom is just ten months old. and the family is asking folks to honor this period, this time of quiet as they call it. they say there is an event that is going to be planned in nashville, a musical event. i want to bring in my hot topics panel today, lisa france, writer, producer for, david bagno, host of news breakerbreak e ers, jawn murray and jennifer hut, the host of "just jenny." is it healthy for these vulnerable, fragile, almost broken celebrities to go on a public rehab show to try to get themselves cleaned up. let's start with you, david.
2:39 pm
>> i don't think it is, deb. look, i think if you really want to get help, you don't go on television. rehab should be the one place where if you're going to get help, you do it off the air. i love this woman. i listened to her growing up. she had a beautiful voice. but time and time again we saw her life troubled. and when i watch some of dr. drew's show last night, and i watched some of what was recorded, i'm not sure if it was done for television or done for help. that was my opinion. going forward, i think we need to think hard and clear before we put these celebrities in front of a camera. are they really there to rehabilitate? >> it is striking to see that poor woman basically having a fit during this detox session where she's just trembling on the floor. i don't even know -- that's hard enough to do in private. jawn, what do you think in terms of is this something that maybe we as a society need to rethink which is, you know, if they're having problems, give them their space, their privacy. >> yeah, deb. i have a great deal of respect for the work that dr. drew is
2:40 pm
doing and the passion that he has for it. but disease is an illness and should never be packaged for entertainment purposes, particularly when you have someone who is also mentally ill. i mean, the combination of the two, that's a combustible combination. and so we should not have been seeing that. it should not have been exploited for ratings. and for television, because the end result just is not good. >> jennifer, what's your thought? >> respectfully i have to disagree. i think to blame celebrity rehab or to blame dr. drew in any way is like blaming the biggest loser when a contestant gains weight back. the fact is, yes, addiction is a horrible -- it is a complicated thing as is weight and everything else. i feel like these people are troubled, maybe being on the hoe is the last ditch effort for them. if it doesn't work, and if it fails, well, that's sad and tragic, but we get to have a dialogue now about addiction. and i think that's a positive thing. >> let me take it one step farther. i don't think anybody is blaming dr. drew. >> not at all.
2:41 pm
>> the question, lisa, the question really is, there you are, you're exposed, you're vulnerable. do you get the kind of follow-up care you really need or does this become one more show and move on to the next? lisa? >> i think they are getting the proper care. i think part of the issue is that, you know, addiction is difficult for anyone and there are additional challenges when you're a celebrity. these celebrities are used to being in front of the camera, used to living their lives openly like this. they chose to do the show because they want to help other people and bring it into the light and out of the darkness. being an addict is hard for anyone. but it is even harder when the entire world is tuned in to watch. >> there is no question. think about the pressure. it is so sad, now the family is saying now we need our quiet time. so let's move on to the next panel. mark sanford, he wants to get back into the political game. the former south carolina governor is appealing to voters and a god of second chances. that's coming up the other side. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix.
2:42 pm
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2:44 pm
well, we're back with our panel and the apology tour begins for former south carolina governor mark sanford. he released his first congressional campaign ad, and in it, he addresses the controversy that derailed his marriage and reputation back in 2009. >> washington's math doesn't add up. and so for years while many have talked, i've fought to do something about it. i've cut spending, reduced debt, and made government more
2:45 pm
accountable. more recently i've experienced how none of us goes through life without mistakes. but in their wake we can learn a lot about grace, a god of second chances, and be the better for it. in that light i humbly step forward and ask for your help in representing washington. i'm mark sanford and i approve this message. >> he made headlines after his extramarital affair. he and his wife divorced a year later before the then governor finished out his second term in 2011. he's been in washington before. but let's go to our panel again. first of all, jennifer, i'll ask you, he cheated, he lied, and then he disappeared. nobody knew where he was. fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me. what do you think? >> i think typically i don't really care who sleeps with whom, but i care if tax dollars are spent on disappearing to appalachian trail. that's not okay and that's an
2:46 pm
infidelity on the professional front. so that makes me uneasy. >> jawn murray, do you think there is a way for him to come back as a politician, personal failings aside? >> deb, let me tell you, mark says god forgives the imperfect, which is true. but god is not a registered voter and goes to the polls. you can go on sermonizing, but it doesn't mean we have to welcome you back into political office. maybe you should go and host a show for the christian network tv, but political office is not where you need to be. until you can keep the ten commandments dealing with adultery and lying. >> do you think this is something he can overcome? >> i think people are going to have a hard time with this. if you want forgiveness, go to church, not congress. this guy, how many nights did we watch cnn and his staff was on there saying he was hiking a trail and he was in south america and he knew they were lying. he knew it. and he was okay with it. i got a real problem. i think it is another republican who has done something, comes forward, admits it, wants
2:47 pm
forgiveness. yeah, good thing i don't live in south carolina. i don't buy it. >> there are a lot of gops running for this particular nomination. what is fascinating to me is the democratic candidate, okay, happens to also have deep republican ties. she is the sister of comedian stephen colbert, she's elizabeth colbert bush. when you think about the intrigue and the interest, lisa france, you think this will be a different race? >> yes. i watched scandal, i see where people are willing to -- >> i love that show! nothing is as it seems. >> people are willing to forgive infidelity in the name of true love because, come on, we love olivia pope. and she's cheating. let's be honest. she's a side piece. i think people are going to be willing to forgive him. >> what i learned about that show, she's cheating but the husband is unhappy. who hasn't heard that before. it is a lot of intrigue. it will be interesting to see how far he goes in this
2:48 pm
particular race and whether in fact people will put all his personal failings aside to look at whether his political skills are what is needed in washington. okay, we'll take a quick turn. the next topic we'll be tackling is being fired for having premarital sex. a woman is suing a christian college in southern california. she's hired a high profile attorney. she says she's being treated in a very unchrist-like manner. so get your thoughts together. we're going to be back. why turbo? trust us. it's just better to be in front. the sonata turbo. from hyundai.
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2:50 pm
we're on a roll in san diego. one woman is suing a community college where she worked after she says the school fired her because she had premarital sex and got pregnant. according to our affiliate
2:51 pm
wkg-tv, she says the san diego christian college wrongfully fired her after the school found out she was pregnant with her then boyfriend, now husband. but allred says the man who got james pregnant, who is now her husband, got completely different treatment from the school and was even offered a job there. school officials told kgtv there is a contract all must sign before they're hired saying, sexually immoral behavior including premarital sex, unquote, is not allowed. it seems she didn't follow the rules, but with all due respect, it seems he didn't either. what is your thoughts? >> i think she's going to have a bit of difficulty in the fact that she did sign something that said, you know, clearly laid out what the school expected. it is interesting that he's not held to the same standard, however. but this is a private college. i worked at a private university for eight years. shotout to st. john's university. and you have to abide by the
2:52 pm
rules when you work at a private institution. so, but i would be interested to see if there is going to be an outcry regarding him. >> jennifer, step in. you have thoughts on this. >> i think what the cause of action would be would be discrimination because of the fact that she's a woman. it is obvious she's pregnant, where it is not obvious if a man is having premarital sex. so there may be discriminatory action she can raise. >> that leads to the next question, you can sign something saying you're not going to do something and as long as you lie about it and don't get caught, you've lived up to the obligations of the document. that doesn't sound so good. david begnaud what do you think? >> i went to catholic school. thank god they didn't make me sign that kind of contract. if you break the rule, they're not always going to know. in this case, they do. it is ridiculous. all that contract phooey stuff with the church, it should be separate. she signed it, she got pregnant, sorry, you're guilty. i think they're well within their rights.
2:53 pm
>> for all intents and purposes, i thought, yeah, you're right, they did the right thing by firing her. they treated the boyfriend differently. that's the big problem i have. >> well, and unless they have a sex tape seeing the two of them together, the school doesn't know that he actually slept with him. so, listen, she knew what she got into when she signed up, applied for the job. if i took a job at a college that set up on muslim principles and i posted photos of myself eating a pork chop and ham sandwich on instagram, they have the right to fire me too. >> so, david, you agree with this? >> yeah, i think they have every right to fire her. the boyfriend is a separate issue. she signed the contract. she got pregnant. bye. >> they don't have every right to fire her if they didn't fire him. >> that's right. >> you can't see he's pregnant or that he had sex. you can't see it unless there is a sex tape. >> he's admitted paternity. he's admitted paternity.
2:54 pm
>> he married her. >> did the college go too far -- >> gloria will handle it. >> of course gloria allred will handle it. >> always handles it. but did the college go too far, asking them to sign this particular document, or are they within their rights? now employers are asking for the password to facebook. isn't that a little bit of an invasion of privacy, especially if you know you're not going to be able to live up to that term. >> i think it is. however, when you go that kind of college and you know you subscribe to those kind of rules, you can't complain afterwards. if you don't want to subscribe to that, don't go to a private college. >> and don't sign the document. >> don't sign up as a lifeguard if you can't swim. you know what you're signing up for. >> should he be fired? go ahead, jennifer. go ahead. >> i was just going to say, nobody has an expectation of privacy on facebook. it's on the internet, it's not private.
2:55 pm
>> here is the solution -- >> is anyone feel the husband should have been fired? should the husband have been fired? >> he should have been fired. >> no. >> but, listen -- let mark sanford go do it. he's the one out here on the apology tour. >> way to connect the dots, jawn. >> lisa, what are your thoughts? >> did he sign the same document? that's the same question. if he signed the same document, he's as liable as she is, it seems. >> that's probably the case. >> even if he didn't, if that school would allow him to not sign that document, and it is okay for him to have premarital sex but not for her, come on! >> yeah. that's the tricky part. >> he's not pregnant. he's not showing. >> no you didn't say that. >> there is no sex tape. >> that's a whole different show. >> i'm sure we as a society are breathing a sigh of relief there is no particular sex tape in this particular case. so i guess what you're saying, when you sign a morality clause
2:56 pm
or some clause saying i agree to this, then it is set in stone. is that what we're thinking? >> it is a contract. a contract is a contract. >> right. >> read your job description, people. >> that's exactly right. it is always in the fine print. and it is the fine print that comes back to get you. all right. our fabulous panel, thank you so much for all your energy. lisa france, jennifer hutt, jawn murray and jodavid begnaud, tha you. erfect swing begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye. but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function.
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2:59 pm
hey there, everyone. it is the top of the hour. i'm deborah feyerick in for brooke baldwin. happening now, a texas court case that has anti-abortion activists up in arms. but the couple who is the target of the anger says all the claims
3:00 pm
against them are false. inside this court building room in harris county, the texas center for defense of life says it is trying to get a long-term injunction to help a 16-year-old girl, the center says her parents are trying to coerce the teen into getting an abortion against her will. the lawsuit states the girl's mother, quote, invited the paternal grandparents to a bar for further discussion, where the mother suggested that she might slip her daughter an abortion pill through deception, unquote. the teenager is two months pregnant. the court already issued a restraining order against her parents. cnn is not naming them in order to keep the girl's identity from being known. but our houston affiliate kprc spoke with the attorneys when the restraining order was granted. >> we were asking the judge to stop them from physically forcing her to have an abortion. she's legally protected. so they cannot drag her to an abortion clinic and force an abortion on our client.
3:01 pm
>> joining me is attorney drew findling. can anyone force a teenager into an abortion, no matter what the age of the girl? >> deb, i don't think there is any chance in the world the parents are going to prevail. by getting tro, they have shown a judge, her lawyers, the likelihood of their success. and the problem that parents have is they're trying to use an abortion as a disciplinary measure and that's unacceptable. to take the life of this unborn child would be the equivalent to fetal homicide. and in texas, as in most states, including pro-choice states, fetal homicide begins at gestation. so there is just zero chance that a court will approve the taking of this unborn life. >> you know, i read through the petition that they filed in order to get this temporary restraining order. but here is what the parents, it really is quite devastating against the parents. it suggests the mother goes to bars a lot, the father is potentially abusive. here is what the parents are saying, the defendants deny each and every allegation of
3:02 pm
plaintiff's original petition. defendants deny they have done or said anything that is not in the best interests of the child. so, you know, when you think about this, clearly we're hearing the teenage girl's side of the story. what say do the parents have in this particular case? >> i think, deb, the only thing they can do is try to advise the child as parents. as far as forcing the child to have an abortion, they can suggest it. but one thing i'm calling the elephant in the room in this case, and that is you're not seeing any bar associations, any pro choice organizations, lining up with these parents. everybody is really running away from these parents right now. >> well, also, we haven't heard their side of the story. all we have is the teenager's side of the story, she's clearly gone to a lawyer who is taking this case. but it is interesting how roe v. wade can be used on the side of anti-abortion advocates, as well.
3:03 pm
>> and that's exactly right here. that's why, deb, i'm analyzing and kind of looking at it and going, wow, the people that are pro choice, they want to stay away from this and you're right, we're only hearing what the child says and what her advocates say. we don't really know what took place, but for those that fight for pro choice, they don't want to be anywhere near this courtroom. >> absolutely. one thing that was kind of interest is you read through it and it says the parents took away her phone and took away her car and took away, you know, they kept her from school for a day. so you're still sort of in the mind set of a teenage girl. going to be have interesting. we'll have updates on that throughout the afternoon. thank you very much, we appreciate it. >> thanks, deb. we're going to be heading to los angeles right now. the l.a. lakers are having a press conference. >> -- family certainly knew for a while that the passing was imminent. and so they had a lot of time to get as used to it as you
3:04 pm
possibly can. >> heard a lot about the illness. we heard it was cancer. this morning they're saying kidney failure. is there anything you can tell us about the last 18 months? >> it was cancer. i believe they put down the cause of death as kidney failure. which indeed his kidneys did fail and that was at least several days ago that that happened. it has been a year and a half struggle for dr. buss. amazing man. >> has he been in the hospital since september? >> i'm sorry, what? >> can you elaborate on what type of cancer?
3:05 pm
>> i'm not sure. i haven't talked to any of the doctors and i haven't talked to the family about that specifically. >> are there any plans yet for a service? >> those are pending. yes, there are -- plans are under way for a memorial service for dr. buss. and there will be a -- certainly recognition on wednesday. genius and sensational. >> will it be a memorial service? >> mike, i'm not sure. i don't think it would be right at staples center. there was some conversation about the nokia theater. >> we'll get that information out though, when we have it, mike. >> to the press conference by bob steiner, spokesman for dr
3:06 pm
dr. buss' family. he is the man who brought glitz and glamor to the nba. he died today. it appears it was kidney failure after a bout with cancer. the l.a. lakers owner passed away this morning from unspecified cancer. i spoke with former l.a. laker john salley about an hour ago. >> going to say dr. buss rest in peace. he definitely bought the show time image, that way, that way that the lakers see it. everyone knows it, when you hear that music, i love l.a., it changed the way the game went. he had the greatest suite. it some of the prettiest women in the world, but if you got up to the suite and paid attention, dr. buss was sitting up front, eyes on the game. he was really serious about it. given the team to his son and daughter, knowing he was sick, he was just a really, really good guy. >> and dr. buss as he was known took over the team in 1979 when it was near bankruptcy.
3:07 pm
during that time, over 20 years, the l.a. lakers earned ten championships and featured such players as magic johnson and shaquille o'neal. buss was 80 years old. that press conference is still going on. if you want to monitor it, go to a man is out of a job and facing jail time after allegedly upering a racial slur. joe ricky hundley was sitting next to the young boy and his mother on a delta flight from minneapolis to atlanta. it happened as the plane began its descent which caused the child to cry. here is how the family's attorney described what the mom said happened next. >> he then essentially fell over on her, kind of sloppy drunk. his head hit her cheek and his face kind of slid down towards her ear and directly into her ear he repeated the racial epithet at which time jessica
3:08 pm
basically pushed him back upright, so that he wasn't, you know, leaning on her anymore. and that's the time that he lashed out and slapped jonah. >> i could not believe that he would say something like that and to a baby or about a baby, and then to hit him was just -- i felt like i was in another world. i was shaking. >> now, in addition to losing his job for an aerospace contractor, hundley faces federal charges of assaulting a minor. he could get a year in prison, but his lawyer says there is more to the story and says he will plead not guilty. here is some of the other top stories in a flash, roll it. president obama is to receive a high honer in jerusalem next month. the office of shimon peres, israel's president, today announced it will give mr. obama the presidential medal of distinction for his unique
3:09 pm
contribution to the security of israel citizens. the president has been attacked by republicans here at home who have questioned his commitment to the jewish state. for more than 15 years, the convicted mastermind of the 1993 korld trade center bombing has been cut off from the world. now ramzi yousef wants his communication restrictions lifted. his lawyer says he should no longer be considered a threat to national security. he is serving a life sentence at the federal super max lockup in colorado. john lennon's killer wrote four letters to the officer who arrested him for murder. they can be yours for $75,000. in the letters, mark david chapman urges officer steven spiro to read "the catcher in the rye," the book chapman read before gunning down the beatles legend. spiro is auctioning off all four letters online. pope benedict thanked the faithful for their prayers and support from his window overlooking st. peter's square. the 85-year-old pope addressed tens of thousands of followers
3:10 pm
and later tweeted out a message calling on catholics worldwide to rediscover faith. still, no date for the conclave that will name his successor, the new pope. the readers digest once monday the nation's best-selling magazines and a staple in any doctor's office, is filing chapter 11 bankruptcy. with $465 million in debt, it is the magazine's second trip to bankruptcy court in less than four years. reader's digest is the latest long-standing title to fall victim to the digital content age. with less than two weeks to go before a crucial deadline, it is looking increasingly likely the blunt force across the board spending cuts are coming to washington. that's because congress still can't agree to the targeted cuts needed to reverse an earlier deal that is so severe, no one thought it would go into effect. among other things we're talking about the prospect of furloughs for hundreds of thousands of
3:11 pm
federal workers. alison kosik is in new york. and, when are we going to start to see the furloughs take place. these are the people that keep the things we count on running. >> you make a good point there. we talk about the spending cuts. call it a sequester. it is very theoretical. people will be impacted if the spending cuts go into effect. it would happen for the workers who are furloughed in april. these are going to be some of the first people to feel that budget ax if congress doesn't keep the spending cuts from happening. 2 million federal workers all told will go ahead and have to take the furloughs known as unpaid leave. and some essential services could also be affected. like food inspections for one. let's say the people at the department of agriculture, that division won't be able to send inspectors to locations and that's not all. the federal aviation administration, the national air traffic controllers association, is estimating more than 2,000 air traffic controllers could be furloughed. also, furloughed federal prosecutors. that means fewer criminals will
3:12 pm
be prosecuted. and the list goes on and on, the national park service, homeland security, the entire department of defense. none of these furloughs will be final until the unions are negotiating. so that's not going to happen until march. the furloughs wouldn't necessarily happen until april. it also means any non-union employees could be the first to face the unpaid time off. the cuts are part of the broader effort to try to trim $1.2 trillion from the national budget, from the federal deficit over the next ten years. and the congressional budget office has been saying, you know, aside from the fact that all these workers could be furloughed, aside from the fact that we could have limited services in this country, it can also hurt the economy. the cbo is saying we could go back into a recession. so we'll have to see. we have two weeks to go. let's see if congress steps up. if they don't, and the spending cuts go into effect, the other thing that could happen is they could be temporary, but we shall see. >> absolutely. we saw the austerity measures in europe and that ground that country to a halt.
3:13 pm
alison kosik, thanks so much. appreciate it. we'll be right back after this. it's lots of things. all waking up. connecting to the global phenomenon we call the internet of everything. ♪ it's going to be amazing. and exciting. and maybe, most remarkably, not that far away. we're going to wake the world up. and watch, with eyes wide, as it gets to work. cisco. tomorrow starts here. cisco. chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save.
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then you're going to love this. right now they're only $14.95! wow-a grt deal just got a whole lot better. hurry. $14.95 won't last. if there is a song in here, it is definitely a sad one. country music's mindy mccready,
3:16 pm
so much talent, so much turmoil. mindy mccready died at age 37, late last night, the only sign of life at her arkansas home was the light above the porch where her body was found sunday. in a final tragic twist to a life filled with pain, it was the same spot where her boyfriend, david wilson, was found last month. both died of gunshot wounds, both apparently self-inflicted say police. david wilson, the father of her young son. joining us from arkansas, scene of the tragedy, cnn's ed lavandera. is there any activity at the home today? >> reporter: no, we were just there a little while ago, deborah. it is quiet. the yellow crime scene tape still up around the house where investigators were called out there around 3:30 in the afternoon. we spoke with the sheriff here in arkansas and were told they were called by a neighbor who heard two gunshots and they were called out to the scene because of that. and shortly after that first 911 call, the sheriff said they also
3:17 pm
got a phone call from a friend of mindy mccready's who had gotten a message from a family member that something urgent was going on at the house. so authorities raced over there, and that's when they found that mindy mccready had taken her own life and also killed the family dog, that she had -- and david wilson had got together after they moved here a year and a half ago. just before taking her own life, she also took the life of the family dog as well. but this is an end of a tragic situation, and really escalated over the last couple of months. family members close to mccready, her own father had petitioned to have mccready institutionalized in a mental institution and checked out for up to three weeks, this was after her emotional situation had changed dramatically after the death of her boyfriend when she -- interestingly enough, according to the investigators, the sheriff's department here, in haber springs, still an open investigation and they haven't
3:18 pm
ruled that as a suicide just yet. that's something they're taking a close look at and will continue to do so, they say. but it is a very tragic ending to a spre troubvery troubled li >> the father, did the father or did the family get an indication that she was about to do this? does that suggest there was some sort of note or some sort of cry for help? >> reporter: we couldn't get that kind of information to the sheriff's office here in heber springs. those details are part of the investigation they're looking into. we have tried in other places as well. i think it is a clear indication from the sheriff saying there was a friend that had gotten a call or some sort of message from a family member of mccready who suggested there might have been something going on there in the initial moments before the suicide took place. but the father of their -- of her oldest child has also been trying to fight for custody, billy mcknight is his name, fighting for custody of their
3:19 pm
older child. we spoke with his attorney and they said they hadn't had any indication over the last few days that anything was troubling or any vital signs that they had missed. >> all right. ed lavandera for us, thank you so much. such a tragedy and two little children left behind. thank you. coming up, new information from the coast guard on exactly what stranded that cruise ship last week. information just in to cnn. we're going to have a live report after this quick break. we are all reflections of the people who came before us. the good they did inspires us, prepares us and guides us. at new york life, everything we do is to help you keep good going. i have to know the weather patterns. i upgraded to the new sprint direct connect. so i can get three times the coverage.
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3:22 pm
just in to cnn, the first report from the coast guard, we're learning more about the fire that crippled the corn val cruise ship "triumph." more than 4,000 people were stranded just off coast of mexico for days when the fire shut down the ship's main power. sarah endo is in washington for us. how did this fire start? >> according to u.s. coast guard investigators, they have preliminarily determined the fire on board the carnival "triumph" was caused by a leak in a flexible hose that served as a fuel oil return line for the ship's number six engine generator. lieutenant commander theresa
3:23 pm
hatfield told reporters today, the fuel sprayed up and touched a hot surface, which started the fire. investigators say the crew did a good job in extinguishing the flames and so far have interviewed 21 passengers and crew members and are continuing their on-site investigation. they expect that to be wrapped up by the end of the week. now, the coast guard commander says they're also looking into why the ship was inoperable even though some of the backup systems were working. they anticipate it will be six months before everything is completed. and the bohemian maritime authority are the lead investigators on this case, since the ship is registered in the bahamas. >> did the country at the time, i know you covered this, you were up there in the helicopter, did the company say anything about the backup system or not? >> the investigation is ongoing. we hear reports that sometimes in a case like this where a fire breaks out, even though some backup systems are working, it
3:24 pm
may be unsafe to fully electrify or keep the systems up and running. so certainly the precautionary measures that are taking place, because of and incident like this and we're learning more, though, about the cause of the fire, given that it was a fuel leak now that was in a hose basically that attaches a fuel tank to the engine number six on that ship. >> very interesting. all right, sandra endo, thank you very much. keep us posted. thank you. it is kind of like a russian gold rush. people hunting for chunks of that meteorite that streaked across the sky in russia. why some say they're finding even a tiny piece of the space rock could mean lots of cash. stay with us. i have low testosterone. there, i said it.
3:25 pm
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3:28 pm
shatters sending fragments across russia's ural mountains. the first fragments were discovered by scientists here near this giant hole in a frozen lake. it is in a remote area of western siberia that may soon be flooded, not with water, but people, hoping to get their hands on those valuable meteor fragments. phil black traveled to the lake. he has more for the hunt on the treasure. >> reporter: this is where locals say they saw a fragment of the meteor break off when it was overhead and plummet down towards the earth, slamming into this frozen lake. the ice here is really thick. this lake is frozen for about six months of the year. but locals say the impact created a huge explosion of ice and snow high up into the air and a big steam cloud as well. up on the surface here, scientists have been combing this whole area. and they say that they have found 53 individual pieces of the meteorite. though fragments have been found on the surface, a bigger mystery
3:29 pm
remains, what lies beneath the ice? scientists are sure there are even bigger fragments sitting beneath the ice, beneath ten meters of water on the bottom of this lake. some divers have been in to see what they could find, but they say it was very silty, visibility was poor and found nothing. they're going to try again in the spring when the snow and ice melts. and scientists believe that will be the best time to find any fragments that made it to the surface. not just here at the lake, but across the vast snow-covered siberian wilderness. phil black, cnn, russia. remember this hit with the impact of several atomic bombs, with meteor fragment fetching as much as $10,000, the scientists may find themselves in a race with people who are looking to cash in. half a century after camelot and a treasure trove of john f. kennedy's personal items are in the hands of jfk fanatics.
3:30 pm
thousands of items from birthday cards to family photographs hit the auction block this weekend. and at the center of the auction, kennedy's famous air force one bomber jacket, which sold for a whopping $629,000. it was expected to get about $40,000. yesterday, i spoke with rice university historian professor douglas brinkley. he told me about that extraordinary collection and what fascinates people with the kennedy family, even after all these years. >> dave powers was the adviser of john f. kennedy, with them everywhere. almost like a brother. and he ended up saving all sorts of items so i was utterly fascinated by this. i deal with a lot of auction houses, presidential memorabilia, being a presidential historian. i've never seen anything quite like the number of different significant mementos coming out of the collection. >> which one really jumped out to you? there are magnificent pictures there. there are also notes and letters. which one, if you could own one
3:31 pm
of them, which one would it be? >> well, i like the letters he wrote in 1945 from arizona when he went out to benson, arizona, lived on a ranch for a while. letters on stationary from a hot springs castle, hot springed hotel and also at saddleback. nobody thinks of john f. kennedy in arizona but the letters from just fascinating. anybody writing a future book on the young jfk will end up using those letters as a primary source. >> also, what are your impressions, just looking at some of the pictures there? we have seen a lot of pictures of john kennedy and jackie o. but what about you resonates or what about them resonates for you in looking at these older photographs? >> well, remember, you know, john f. kennedy was murdered, you know, 50 years ago this year. and but he always stays young. you look at the photos, you realize you don't have old images of john f. kennedy. it is just this handsome gallant president, how tan he is in many
3:32 pm
of these photographs. there is a whole group of ones i hadn't seen before of him playing with his children that are amazing. and then i particularly like the ones of him on some of his tours that powers took when kennedy would travel to the national parks and took these candid shots of kennedy. so it is a lot of these are faded. some are almost like a polaroid quality, but just interesting new material. >> eternal youth. black eyed peas star fergie is expecting her first child. the singer posted a picture to twitter saying, josh and me and baby makes three with the hash tag, my lovely baby bump. that's an edited photo of a young fergie and her husband josh duhamel. congratulations to the two of them. you may not have heard much from country singer lee ann rimes lately.
3:33 pm
♪ blue oh so lonesome for him ♪ >> she is suing her dentist for negligence claiming he stalled her career by giving her eight badly placed crowns which she says caused gum problems so severe, she had trouble chewing and singing. sounds like he said/she said after a verbal exchange between actor alec baldwin and a new york post photographer. a representative for the actor the accusations that he went on a race rant against the photographer are completely false. baldwin is accused of making racist remarks to an african-american photographer who approached him outside of his home. the rep says any issues with the photographer, not with the new york post. whitaker was stopped by a suspicious employee during a lunch time rush in upscale market. the employee searched him in front of other customers, but came up empty handed. the employee later apologized
3:34 pm
and the actor left without filing charges but whitaker was reportedly shocked and angry. coming up next, we'll talk to kareem abdul-jabbar for more on the death of lakers owner jerry buss.
3:35 pm
3:36 pm
3:37 pm
he's being remembered as the man who reinvented the game of basketball for players and fans. legendary owner of the storied los angeles lakers jerry buss died today of cancer. joining us by phone, former laker kareem abdul-jabbar. thank you for being here. what do you think made jerry buss or dr. buss as everyone called him such a great owner and a great man? >> i think he really epitomized someone who used his wisdom, okay. a lot of owners, they buy a team and think they know everything about the sport and how it should be run. but he gave it over to the people he paid to -- he gave it
3:38 pm
over to the people that he paid to do that job. so jerry west and bill charmin, they were the ones able to put the team together, and he trusted them and by trusting them and delegating the power to the right people, he kept the team at the top. and that's how it's done. >> he was just larger than life. what is one of your fondest memories of him and what he brought to you? >> well, for me, there is one memory, just the fact he was approachable, and there was never any distance there. he was always open, and he genuinely cared about us. you can't beat that. a lot of owners might see the people that they employ ed as just employees, but we were much more than that to him and he always let us know that. >> it was amazing because he really brought in that sort of
3:39 pm
celebrity component, having people sit court side, and it became a game where l.a. lakers fans, celebrities, became so loyal to the players. how did you experience it? >> well, for me, it was fun watching the daily laker fans learn about the game and become sophisticated. i'm from new york. and i first started attending professional games in madison square garden while still in grade school. and people in new york know the game and the players and they really appreciate it. and it took a while for l.a. to catch up. but once dr. buss got control of the team, that process started to happen faster and faster and we got more and more attention. and gained more and more fans. and now the lakers are a very prized and beloved institution in southern california. >> not only that, but it also became one of the winningest franchises, i think in 20 years in two decades. there were ten championships.
3:40 pm
what was the secret to that? >> the secret to that is sometimes you hope you're lucky and the lakers certainly were lucky in that they got the opportunity to sign a lot of players, but they made their luck. our general manager, jerry west, he knew what he was doing. they were able to get the right players that enabled us to be so successful. >> a lot of people don't know why he was called dr. buss. tell us. >> he had a -- he wasn't a -- he had a doctor of chemistry and that was his background. >> well, clearly a good man who impacted a lot of people.
3:41 pm
and redefined the game. certainly through the in los angeles. kareem abdul-jabbar, thank you so much for taking time from your day to talk about him. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. thank you. nice talking to you. >> you too. well, want to improve your kids' behavior? who doesn't? a new study says the answer may be on what they watch on tv. cnn chief medical correspondent elizabeth cohen breaks it all down for us next. on their 401(k) to hidden fees. is that what you're looking for, like a hidden fee in your giant mom bag? maybe i have them... oh that's right i don't because i rolled my account over to e-trade where... woah. okay... they don't have hidden fees... hey fern. the junk drawer? why would they... is that my gerbil? you said he moved to a tiny farm. that's it, i'm running away. no, no you can't come! [ male announcer ] e-trade. less for us. more for you.
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back in venezuela this afternoon. he left cuba overnight where he underwent cancer surgefully december. in a message on his official twitter account, he said he will continue his treatment in venezuela. the type of cancer he's battling has not been revealed. the flu season is on its way out. it began in december, much earlier than usual, but now the director of the centers for disease control says that this year's flu season did not reach pandemic proportions and fortunately it is almost over. though it was more severe than last season, the latest flu numbers are showing a decline for the third straight week. even though flu season is almost over, you can still get the flu. so be careful. wash those hands. do you want to change your child's behavior? changing the channel may be the first place to start. a new study finds that positive messages in television shows can actually affect how children behave. here is cnn's senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen. >> deb, i know as a parent you've heard it before, you
3:45 pm
should limit the amount of time your children spend watching television. everyone knows that. now some doctors are thinking about a new message, not so much harping on the amount of time the kids watch tv, but what they're watching. so researchers did what is considered to be a novel study. they told one group of parents, good programs to watch, like sesame street, dora the explorer, clifford the big red dog, shows that teach children something. and they found that the parents in this group, those kids did watch more educational tv and less violent tv and then when they tested the kids a year later, the kids did share better with others. they did show fewer violent tendencies, wasn't a huge difference, but it was a difference. so the general take home message here is one that i think a lot of us know, you should be having your children watch quality programs and, of course, don't let them watch anything endlessly. here are the recommendations from the american academy of pediatrics. they say children under the age of 2, there is no reason for them to watch tv, they're not
3:46 pm
going to get anything out of it. for children ages 2 and up, less than 1 to 2 hours per day. some pediatricians are saying that really we should stop harping so much on the amount of time kids are watching tv and focus on what they're watching. >> elizabeth cohen, thank you. i love clifford the big red dog. i want to put that out there. mark sanford releasing a new political ad today saying, quote, none of us go through life without mistakes. he made headlines for leaving his post as governor of south carolina to visit his mistress in argentina. now, he's throwing his hat bag into the political ring. i'm dr. sanjay gupta. this week on "the next list" -- >> i like to work with electronics in fashion. and that's kind of what people stereo typically will think of as adding technology to a
3:47 pm
garment. this is a scarf i created. thermocromatic. it changes color with temperature. so this one, when you wear the scarf in cold temperatures, snowflakes appear. and the snowflakes grow larger as the temperature gets colder. so i put -- just put an ice pack underneath. the temperature drops below 65 degrees, the a small snowflake will appear on the scarf. at 32 degrees, it is colder and the snowflake on the scarf will grow larger. >> oh, my gosh! how do you do that? >> with the thermocromatic. >> this sunday on "the next list."
3:48 pm
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3:50 pm
mark sanford says he's changed and now he wants voters to return him to washington and change things there. here he is, mark sanford, of south carolina. >> i've experienced how none of us go through life without mistakes. but in their wake, we can learn a lot about grace, a god of second chances, and be the better for it. in that light, i humbly step forward and ask for your help in
3:51 pm
changing washington. >> now you remember mark sanford, the former south carolina governor, before that, a member of congress. this is then governor sanford upon his return from a not so secretive fling. you may recall sanford flatout lie to the people of the state saying he was going hiking when he was spending time with his argentinean mistress. some four years later, ex-governor sanford's running for congress. erin pike with us from washington. does mark sanford believe south carolinians are ready to forgive him? >> reporter: he acknowledges he made a serious mistake but is using the commercial to turn the pa page by asking voters for a second chance. he's reminding them he's known for being fiscally conservative. he's trying to shift the focus of the race to that record. his consultant told cnn because he's such a fighter, he's going
3:52 pm
to work to get either vote he can. because sanford is the most well-known candidate in the race, his campaign says anything sanford does will suck up all the oxygen in that race. his political team expects that voters will either vote for sanford or against him but not in favor of anyone else. sanford is running well ahead of them and almost certainly will make the runoff that's two weeks later. >> well, nice to see what happened to sanford has not undermined the ego of his political team. but he is going to be running against somebody who is more high-profile and that is the sister of comedian stephen colbert, elizabeth colbert bush, and she may get some kud wroe from her brother, no? >> reporter: look, she is going to be raising a lot of money because he will certainly help her but democrats think this is a very hard district for them to win. mitt romney won 58% of the vote in 2012 so they're not very sure
3:53 pm
they can make much of a go of it. >> it will be a fun race to watch, erin mcpike, thank you, welcome to cnn. >> reporter: thanks so much. we'll be back right after this.
3:54 pm
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3:56 pm
is not something catherine hall ever thought she would have to do. >> i had to run to the bank two fridays ago and beg them to give me a loan just so i could pay my contractor. and once he's finished doing this segment of the work, we have to stop because we don't have any more money. >> reporter: nearly four months and superstorm sandy destroyed her home in island park, new york, hall has been calling her mortgage banker almost every day. she's begging them to release insurance money so she and her family can rebuild and go home. >> we have a 4-year-old little boy who -- basically we spent his college fund, you know, the money we've put by since his birth towards being able to send him to college later in life is what we've spent. it's gone. >> reporter: hall, who is originally from britain, and her husband bob and 4-year-old son nathan, have been living in a hotel since november. the halls are among more than 6,000 families still waiting for insurance money. new york's governor blamed a necessary red tape and accused
3:57 pm
banks of failing to release more than $200 million worth of insurance. the problem is some lenders require proof the repair's been made before they will reimburse for the cost of that repair. >> there's a lot of older people here that, you know, that just don't have any more money and they're being told that, you know, do 30% of the work and then they'll get 30% of the money. do 50% of the work and you'll get 50% of the money. >> the reason they do that is i think they're scared you're going to get the check and leave and leave them with the property that's not sellable. you know, but we've invested a lot of money in this house, you know, and it's our home. >> reporter: banks contacted by cnn, including wells fargo, jpmorgan, citibank and bank of america, tell cnn they've distributed more than 75% of all insurance money. the halls mortgage lender who they asked we not name did not respond. >> you know, we came here to
3:58 pm
live the american dream. and now we're living the american nightmare. because they're holding our money and we can't get it and it's not fair, you know, it's not fair on anyone. and everybody is in the same position, everybody. like i said to you, i don't know any person who's had a dime. >> reporter: the waiting and certainty is taking a toll, as devastating as the storm itself. and new york's governor is trying to work with the banks and lenders so they can ease up on some of the restrictions. driver danica patrick wins the pole position for the daytona 500. that makes her the first woman to start the legendary race. patrick told cnn's don lemon that she loves the idea of going beyond racing in general. >> one of the coolest things is to be able to think that parents and their kids are having that conversation at home about it. and to, you know, i've heard stories about, look, a kid, a boy or a girl, saying, but mommy, daddy, that's a girl that's out there racing, and
3:59 pm
then they can have that conversation to say, you can do anything you want to do and gender doesn't matter. your passion is what matters. and that's cool. >> patrick won the pole position by going more than 196 miles an hour, that's almost 200 miles an hour. the daytona 500 is sunday. man's best friend is also a lifesaver. charlie, a border collie mix, is getting credit for saving mike cameron. first, charlie woke cameron up by jumping on his chest as a fire raged in his house in nova scotia last week. cameron says he got up and started looking for his cats. he said he collapsed by the door but felt charlie burning him out of the pulling house by his shoulders. cameron believe also the pooch rounded up the cats and herded them to safety. that does it for me. i'm deb feyerick. thanks so much for spending your afternoon with us. "the situation room" with wolf blitzer starts right now. happening now, a teenager's excitement at seeing the presidsp


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